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Renewable Energy Innovation from Green Hydrogen Production - Is Our Entire Purpose...

Established In 2015, H2 Development Corp., LLC. has been recognized as a leading innovator in the Green Hydrogen / Renewable Energy space. We take great pride in taking a leadership role for pioneering Project Development and Turn-Key Green Hydrogen MW scale Production, Distribution, as well as H2 Fueled MW Class (88% efficiency) "Dynamic Combustion Chamber" Hydrogen Fueled Turbine Power. We also provide for H2 Fueled onsite HVAC . Our proprietary in-house technology also includes for MW Scale H2 Fueled I.C. Engine gensets. All considered, we are fully capable to provide for all electrical energy and HVAC needs from Green Hydrogen as both an energy storage means as well as a Carbon-Free and inexhaustible (locally produced) fuel source.


Grid-tied energy, yet grid-agnostic energy availability. Whether a Micro-Grid configuration or an on-site Demand Energy Management benefit or a Prime Power configuration, H2 Fueled energy solutions are all applicable with the benefit had from Hydrogen.


We are proud to be Hydrogen development and production pioneers. We strive to lead the way toward a carbon-free and decentralized / sustainable energy future through integrating Hydrogen's elegant and simple, electro-chemical durability, as both a high density energy carrier, energy storage technology and also as a prime power high efficiency (inexhaustible) locally produced fuel source. The entire Electro-Magnetic Spectrum of the Energy of the entire Universe (literally) is powered by Hydrogen - since the dawn of time. The Mitochondria of Biological systems are powered from Hydrogen as well. Hydrogen is safe and durable.


A paradigm changing technology advent: Hydrogen technology integration creates an entirely new revenue opportunity from renewable energy assets, available now to meet the increasing local and regional demands for electrification, energy storage and easily transitions into many new and emerging / diversified energy markets through employing Mw Scale / Carbon-Free / Safe - Hydrogen. 

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Solar Energy Mw Scale EPC

MW Scale Green Hydrogen Production

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Geothermal Energy

Hydrogen Power Plant Operation and Maintenance

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Project System Design

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Power Purchase Agreemnts (PPA)

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Electricity Station

Green Hydrogen Master Gas Purchasing Agreements

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ZERO Carbon Emissions / On-Site Mw Scale

Prime Power Energy Generation

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H2 Development Corp., LLC. provides innovative Single-Sourced and In-House proprietary renewable energy engineering solutions, which cater to developing new opportunities or to bring forward to existing Renewable Energy assets, for either to be built energy projects with a value-adding proposition or as demonstrated through producing bulk (Green) Hydrogen.


Green Hydrogen: Hydrogen produced from renewable energy - is safe as well as economically viable for providing energy storage (from Renewable energy and/or from the Utility Grid). Hydrogen provides for a high energy density, carbon-free, inexhaustible fuel gas. Stranded energy (Spinning Reserve) as well as "self-consumption" from renewable energy assets are employed for new revenue creating opportunities, which until now (in the case for stranded energy scenarios) were invariably wasted energy or lost.


New revenue opportunities and new and dynamic energy solutions for "throttled" renewable energy PPA's or natural disaster-stricken regions (which suffer through protracted black-outs from grid-down events), find resolve through the employment of Green Hydrogen as an energy solution.


The production and storage, distribution as well as the energy generation capability, as provided from Green Hydrogen through H2 Development Corp., LLC. provides for these opportunities and services through the application of on-site MW scale Green Hydrogen production from both Renewable Energy and/or from Grid-tied energy systems.


We therefore provide what we call "Grid Agnostic" opportunities for local and decentralized energy to be produced, stored and generated. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) opportunities and Green Hydrogen wholesale Master Gas Purchasing Agreements (MPGA) as well as Green Hydrogen local distribution and logistics for wholesale bulk and retail distribution are also provided for from H2 Development Corp., LLC.

We are capable for providing Fuel Cell Refueling Station technology for Hydrogen refueling and refilling dispensaries and provide our clientele the ability to built to suit and/or to JV as strategic partners to build-out new Hydrogen refueling stations and to provide logistic networks, which can include Electric Vehicle recharging stations to recharge BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles), provided from our on-site (H2ICE) Engine hubs and/or from our Dynamic Combustion Chamber H2 Fueled Turbine generator technology. 


We can provide 100% of all HVAC needs (Heating and Cooling) from a minimum of 100,000 S.F.buildings or greater. Through our (Dynamic Combustion Chamber technology, Steam to Power as well as Heat and Cooling from Hydrogen produced locally, makes the economy of manufacturing and doing business more affordable as well as being fully sustainable (and Carbon-Free). Green Hydrogen and Pure Oxygen are combined within our "Dynamic Combustion Chamber" to create super-heated steam, which is then employed through mechanical means, to generate power. Scale for technology ranges from 250kW through hundreds of MW for meeting all energy applications. Presently there are two of these systems which are commissioned and are operational within the United States and they are each 1 million BTU/hr rated "training boiler's". Commercial / Industrial heating as well as refrigeration for a fully integrated Green H2 fueled HVAC and Energy solution are now available for greater application within the U.S. (and globally). These systems are also bench-marked at round-trip efficiency of as high as 88%. This technology opens new opportunities for single source fueling for Prime Power and for all HVAC needs. All provided from locally produced MW Scale Green H2 production and delivered to the site for secure and closed cycle refueling. Disaster-relief scenario's and fully "Grid Agnostic" applications, this technology offers a Secure Energy Supply for the United States of America. (ALL our technology is also proudly made in the USA).  

We provide our services and technologies to develop projects being originated, which will give rise for intrinsically diversified investment opportunities. These opportunities are unlimited as such as to meet new market demands for the utility and inclusion of Green Hydrogen, as providing for its capabilities for being both a "battery" and as a fuel. These opportunities cross-over through many varied markets and industries. Our Green Hydrogen technologies create brand new business opportunities which embrace and enhance all means for the increasing demands for electrification from our dynamically changing digital age. We provide Green Hydrogen turn-key project management, Physical Plant Operations & Management and provide full project engineering services including site selection & availability, Civil Site Permitting, Electrical & Hydrogen production system design (at MW Scale).  


Power Plant Operation's management and electrical system design, all of which are meticulously designed with the intent to provide fully efficient and sustainable, localized as well as secure energy solutions, which are designed for long-lived duration.

We are proud to be Green Hydrogen Project Developers. We accommodate for including all forms of renewable energy and to cater to your specific value-added proposition for existing or to be built Green Hydrogen projects, as these can now find new revenue and brand new utility applications, from varied renewable energy applications.

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