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Green Hydrogen as FUEL for MW scale On-Site HVAC (Heating / Cooling) and Micro-Turbine generated Pri

Sneak peek: Yes this technology is currnetly commissioned. There are (2) sites running in U.S.A. - 500 Kw Micro-Turbine integrated Gen-set for each. Millions of BTU's/Hr HVAC (heat and Cool). Grid Agnostic Green H2 Powered this facility which is Disaster-Proof and Grid-Down proof. Fully Scalable to 100's of Mw and many Millions of BTU's for all HVAC (Heating and Cooling). for now: In NY/NJ/CT - We are seeking several commercial manufacturing / Industrial sites for "To Be Built" (or) for current retrofit. We have several sites in NJ ready already for Mw Scale Solar / Hydro and Multiple MW Green Hydrogen from Electrolysis to produce Green Hydrogen to Fuel this technology.

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