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H2 Development Corp., LLC. A Green H2 "Super Esco" or a regional U.S. "Green H2 ISO&q

This is a GREAT and informative video which explains how the U.S. is Powered... ERCOT in Texas is AMAZINGLY COOL BTW...

Thoughts: Looking at Iberdrola Renewables, and their massive U.S. Control Center... (along with the very cool ERCOT Control center in Texas), there is massive opportunity for UTILITY from Time Shifted - Spinning Reserve and making Green Hydrogen.. CLEARLY, the PROBLEM is making POWER with Green H2 or GRID H2 to buffer the grid back. WE NOW KNOW - our DCC (Hydrogen Fueled Dynamic Combustion Chamber) does this and H2 is the energy fuel created from spinning reserve - stored to achieve this at scale.

We use the DCC as it can be oversized on on-site projects where it provides MW Scale electrical power and Millions of BTU's/hr for ALL on-site HVAC and when the ISO Grid Operator needs to generate power, they send a signal to our on-site H2 Fueled DCC to ramp up the DCC’s on-board MW Scale Steam Turbine. With this kind of arrangement, we can probably get spinning reserve for free.

-OH YES and there's NO TOXIC EMMISION'S - Just Pure Water...